Do’s and Dont’s: CBSE Class X Examination

  1. Complete revision of the subject one day prior to the exam date and have   sufficient  sleep.
  2.  Wear cotton clothes to feel comfortable during the examination.
  3.  Avoid oily and spicy food during the period of examinations
  4.  Check whether you have all the required things like pens (Blue/Black), Pencils,       Scale, Eraser, Sharpener, Geometry Box etc.,  before leaving home.
  5.  Reach the examination centre 1 hour before to the commencement of the exam.
  6.  Make sure that the answer book pages are properly serialized in number(including title pages) as soon as you receive it in the examination hall.
  7.  On receiving the answer book and question paper read the instructions and all the questions thoroughly.
  8.  Mention your Board Roll No. properly in the space provided on the answer booklet  and compare with the number on the Admit Card.
  9.  Mention the question number on the left margin of the answer booklet. Avoid  circling and half circling the question Numbers
  10. One should not write his / her name or any miscellaneous unrelated words inside the answer booklet or graphs, maps etc.,.
  11.  Verify all answers once again before submitting to the invigilator.

Good luck!!

Written by Ch.Sambasiv Rao, Principal & Chief Administrative Officer, Vikas Vidyaniketan


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