Relevance of good writing skills for Students – Part 2 of 2

“Who wants to become a writer? And why – Because, it’s the answer to everything. It’s the streaming reason for living. To note, to pin down, to build up, to create, to be astonished at nothing, to cherish the oddities, to let nothing go down the drain, to make something, to make a great flower out of life, even if it’s a cactus.”   —Enid Bagnold

Doesn’t this quote just about sum up how writing is such an integral part of our lives, no matter which professional career we choose.  In Part 1 of Subject topic, we covered few pointers on what generally qualifies as good writing. In part 2, we look at how good writing skills is a prerequisite in some commonly chosen careers.

  • Corporate workplace:

      Let us take an example of a person working in an organization, no matter what the functional role is. An employee has to communicate effectively upward with bosses, multiple of them, if in a matrix environment. Equally important will be the need to communicate with peers and subordinates in order to achieve effective cross functioning. There are several occasions where mails and letters need to be exchanged also with external stakeholders such as Customers, Vendors, and Government agencies. At senior levels, interaction is also warranted with Investors and Shareholders. So it is hard to imagine any job that does not involve extensive communication and therefore good writing skills become a prerequisite for any job whatsoever. Ambiguity and use of wrong words can actually mislead the intent and damage the relationship very easily.  Many a time, the message to be conveyed may be rather unpleasant or demanding but yet the tone with which the message is conveyed can greatly enhance chances of a positive reaction at the other end. So the name of the game is to be polite, assertive and yet non-offensive while writing in order to enhance chances of achieving the intended objective and yet maintain robust relationships.

  • Print and Mass Media Journalism:

      Print and Mass media are an integral part of the society as they not only create awareness but also influence and  impact people’s minds significantly about what is right and what is wrong . So this is yet another field where writing skills play key role in the journalist’s success and of the media channel because here the message is intended to reach masses at large. Consequently, it is even more challenging to convey events and situations in a manner that can be perceived as reliable, unbiased, factually correct and at the same time politically acceptable to the targeted readers. One wrong or misleading communication even if unintended can actually lead to commotion and unrest due to sensitivity involved. This is even more relevant in Print media where damage control in the form of Corrigendum is largely ineffective, given the time involved to reach them out to the audience.

  • Script Writer: 

       These are the people who make careers in Television media, Theatres and Movies and Video platforms. The role of the script writer is to translate accurately the creative imagination into a script that can capture the intended emotion in its depth. So the creative and writing skills can help craft the scenes successfully and develop the plot stage by stage such that the attention of the audience is captured and sustained through the entire script.

  • Content Writing:

      Needless to mention, today we are in an era where online media has overtaken us by revolution and it is hard for anyone to stay out of the system. Even if reluctantly, one has to adapt into this environment. A Content writer has an onerous responsibility to convey story in a manner that can emote and enhance the brand and so every word counts and impacts the perception of the targeted audience. The role of good writing skills for a content writer goes just beyond online platforms into several PR and Marketing Content in the form of Press releases, brochures, pamphlets etc and therefore the ability to narrate stories in an engaging manner can define the success of content writers and of the brand.

  • Legal profession:

       A legal profession is one where the lawyer would have to submit briefs to the court and also provide memorandum to clients. From writing simple correspondence to drafting complex legal documents, writing is an integral function of nearly every legal position. Drafting effective legal documents such as motions, briefs, memorandums, resolutions, and legal agreements demands a command over written language besides of course legal terminology  . Only then, they can advocate the position or cause both to the legal platforms and to the client in a clear, concise and logical manner. Here the responsibility would be to be articulate, analytical, and persuasive and yet factually correct, all of which warrant exceptionally good writing skills.


       There is a quote that “It is perfectly okay to write garbage—as long as you edit brilliantly”. Such is the impact that an editor can make through his editing skills .It does go without saying that an editor has to be a good writer first before he can edit. Through his command over language, he can work wonders. On the other hand, job of an editor can destroy author’s credibility and reputation if they ignore or dilute author’s intention in the course of editing .So good writing skills will ensure that the originality in the author’s work is maintained even as they enhance the write up and make them error free.

Well, one can certainly think of many more such career options where writing skills become a prerequisite. This article is intended to convey the message through few commonly chosen career options.

Written by Asha Sampath


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