How important is the role of Environment in Quality Education

“Education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think”

-Albert Einstein

A good part of everyone’s student life gets spent at School. The environment  that surrounds us during the formative years greatly impacts our personality, character and creative skills. Schools are the main platforms that define ambiance and environment for students during this phase. Therefore parents, teachers and other players in the education ecosystem have an onerous task in the matter of selection of the right school for the children and in providing an environment that can radiate positive vibes necessary for a student’s  holistic development.

Let us look at some of the ways that environment makes an impact on the student’s future:

  • Influencers: The teachers are the main influencers because students spend a significant part of the day with them. Teachers tend to make an invisible impact in shaping the student’s thought process and molding student’s academic and personal growth. They play the role of both mentors and role models that students silently tend to follow.
  • Choice of right peers and school mates. Choosing the right company at school can help to create a healthy competitive spirit required to dream big and translate them to reality. When a student is surrounded by intellectual environment, the goals get set, by default at a higher level and challenges the limits of the students and aspirations grow naturally.
  • Residential school system offers unique advantages. Students learn to manage time better. The community concept enhances spirit of collaboration and sharing. Besides, they also benefit from the competitive ambiance and help to fill gaps from family background. It also allows space between fun and studies, making the schedule balanced and enjoyable. A wide spectrum of recreational and cultural programs on Campuses will help to expand the horizon beyond just academics.
  • Teaching methodologies should be innovative and create a hunger for creativity amongst students by making learning engaging and relevant so as to connect them to the outside world. Integrated teaching with field experiences will make the learning complete. Allowing students to express themselves, encouraging them to have a contrary opinion, giving them opportunity to experiment without fear of failure would mould them into more confident people.
  • Mentoring: Counseling and mentoring has assumed great significance in overall success of the student. Schools can be the best platform for counseling as student’s transition from childhood to adolescence. The counselors at schools work one on one basis with students by creating an ambiance that encourages them to open up freely on various issues- be it behavioral issues ,academics or career related matters and largely mitigate risk of wrong decisions or becoming vulnerable to negative situations.
  • Physical ambiance also adds to the extent that it keeps students engaged in building dreams and stays motivated. Inspirational quotes, practical sessions and team work helps in inculcating and nurturing a spirit of research, experiment and creativity. Infrastructure such as robust sports facilities, relevant reading opportunities and a healthy meal system in place are all the essential amenities that help to keep students both mentally and physically fit.

In essence, parents have to keep in mind that intellectual company and an intellectual environment are both keys to the future success of a student and make the right choice of schools for the children.

Written by Asha Sampath


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