How Students can benefit from Technology and Digitization in Education

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world “

Nelson Mandela

What better tool than Technology and Digitization to testify this famous quote! The educational ecosystem is evolving fast from the traditional classroom session into a more dynamic E-learning Environment. Students of today are blessed to be in this exciting era where digitization and technology has redefined, so to say, the pedagogical landscape and the way teachers and students connect with each other.

This has turned out to be a game changer that many of the earlier generations of students were deprived of. The good old Private tuition system was the only supplement to the traditional Classroom sessions for students to fall back upon. But today, the digital revolution has thrown open a world of opportunities for students who can use the facility effectively to shape their academic journey and also the careers that follow. Besides, it constantly challenges teachers to keep upgrading into innovative methods of teaching to help students define their goals and career ambitions and then translate them to reality.

Let us look at some of the online resources that Students can utilize effectively and benefit from:

  • First of all Internet gives access to a wealth of knowledge on just about any topic that students can pick to enrich their knowledge. The digital India thrust is a boon to the students as it is aimed at providing high speed connectivity and internet access even to several remote areas.
  • Lot of institutions have been using Computer aided instructions and audio visual tutorials already in Classrooms. These facilities allow students to access classes beyond school hours and continue learning at their own pace.
  • Online learning platforms provide a virtual intellectual environment for students to interact with through Student portals and Tutorials. Time is no longer a barrier to those who wish to enrich knowledge and skills beyond their curriculum. There are several platforms that offer very diverse topics on E learning where teaching, evaluation and feedback happen on real time basis.
  • E-Library is another concept that is popular in the west but also catching up in India. Content is made available instantly and is accessible online by converting paper documents to e-documents. File storage and retrieval that hitherto consumed vast amounts of valuable staff time in libraries and universities have now been replaced by a lot more efficient E-library concept.
  • Online Career counseling and profiling platforms act as mentors to students who can utilize online portals  to evaluate what career options are available, what are the respective skill sets required and what is the aptitude of the Students that best fit into a particular career option.

Technology and digitization is a revolution that will continue to challenge and empower students immensely in knowledge enrichment and also in terms of efficiency in learning. Needless to mention, students need to embrace this swiftly in order not to be left behind in a highly competitive environment that we are all in.

Written by Asha Sampath


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