All you want to know about the KVPY examination

Scholarship tests and qualifying examinations always sound scary for students who are pursuing schooling at their 11th and 12th standards. Many a times these examinations appear to be much easier if you understand it in the right manner. Lack of proper information about the exam and how it is conducted results in this fear. So here, let’s try to have a closer look at the KVPY examination or the Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana for the 11th and 12th graders.

The Department of Science and Technology of the Government of India introduced the KVPY scholarship scheme to promote students to pursue research in the field of basic sciences, medicine, and engineering. The program bestows scholarship and contingency allowances until the pre- Ph.D. level to chosen scholars. The KVPY program marked its beginning in the year 1999 and is controlled by the Indian Institute of Science.

The key intentions of the scheme are:

  • To discover students with flair and propensity for research
  • Help students comprehend their prospective in their studies
  • Support them to engage in research in basic science
  • Guarantee the augmentation of the best scientific minds for research and progress in the

KVPY exams are considered equally important and esteemed to the JEE examinations in India. Successful completion of this exam would offer students admission in the prestigious IISC and other IISERs in the country, which are considered to be the excellent institutions to study courses in basic science like Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology, etc.

So, there are 3 major streams under which students can apply and they are – SA, SB, and SX.

  • Students attending 11thgrade can appear for SA.
  • Students attending 12thgrade can appear for SX.
  • Students attending 1styear graduation in Science can appear for SB.

As per the statistics of 2015-16, out of 1 lakh scholar who appeared for the esteemed KVPY exam, around 881 scholars of 11th grade, 1554 scholars of 12th grade and 96 scholars of the graduation 1st year got qualified for the scholarship. The KVPY test generally takes place in November and the interviews take place in January and February. Answer Keys of the test are out on the KVPY official website within 10 to 12 days after the commencement of the test.  Scholars who come out successful in the KVPY test are entitled for the fellowship. A scholar with a KVPY fellowship receives 5000/- monthly scholarship during their 1st – 3rd year of either B.Sc, B.Stat, B.S., B.Maths, Integrated M.S./M.Sc along with a yearly contingency grant of 20,000/-. After the initial 3 years, the scholarship gets improved to 7,000/- per month through M.Sc/4th & 5th year of Integrated M.S./M.Sc along with a hiked yearly contingency grant of 28,000/-.

Now, let’s find out more details about the streams of the examination:

  1.  Stream SX/SB

Students of the 12th grade have the benefit of attending any of the subjects between Maths and Biology. The SX stream of examination is conducted for scholars studying Mathematics whereas the SB stream of examination is conducted for Biology scholars. However, the pattern of both the exams is the same.Usually the examination paper will have 2 sections which are section A and section B. Both sections will include all 4 subjects. Section A would contain 20 questions in every subject and section B would contain 10 questions per subject. Students are supposed to answer any 3 out of the 4 subjects given under section A, and any 2 out of 4 subjects given under section B. While coming to the scoring area, students will score under the +1 to -.25 marking scheme in the section A category and +2 to -0.5 marking scheme in the section B category.Both SX and SB will contain questions from 11th and 12th grade curriculum. The cut-off score to qualify for the interview would be around 50-55. Frankly speaking, this score is not so difficult to achieve as you think. 

Syllabus for the exam: As of now, there is no preset syllabus for the KVPY exam. If you are already preparing for the JEE or AIPMT exams, you could attend the KVPY exam as well. Consider studying NCERT/JEE exam books and a few of the previous year question papers for better proven results.

Interview: Interviews are usually the tricky part where you have to make use of your alert mind. Quite often people tend to forget or get the wrong answer for those questions which they already know. For KVPY interview all you have to do is get a thorough idea about your 11th and 12th grade science subjects and a little bit of confidence. The interview panel may shoot questions from different directions, but you have to keep calm and hear the questions clearly. You already know all the answers, all you have to do is focus and modify the answer to match the context in which it is asked. 

  1. Stream SA

Stream SA is designed for students attending 11th grade. Here, section A and section B will have Biology as a mandatory subject of the examination.The SA examination contains 2 sections which are part A with multiple choice questions and part B with descriptive questions for 100 marks. The subject areas consist of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

  • For part A, students will get 1 mark for the right answer and lose 0.25 marks for the wrong
  • For part B, students get 5 marks for the right answer and no negative mark for the wrong one.

Syllabus for the exam: The SA exam would contain topics which you have already completed in the 10thgrade with basics of chemistry, magnetism, electricity and elementary geometry and algebra. 

Interview: Again the rules for an interview in this regard remains the same where you have to be confident about what you know and how well you can articulate it into words.

Written by Minu Aravind